ࡱ> 4635@ 0bjbj22.XX:::: F ^(      $RzDDYX0**R h:*o0*[[*[*DDDBriefkopf Absender Mr. Naveen Patnaik Through the Office of the Chief Secretary Government of Orissa Bhubaneswar, Orissa INDIA Fax: + 91 674 2536660 E-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:csori@ori.nic.in" csori@ori.nic.in;  HYPERLINK "mailto:cmo@ori.nic.in" cmo@ori.nic.in Honourable Chief Minister, We/I would like to express my/our extreme concern and dismay at the present political situation in Orissa, and the atrocities committed against Christians, especially in the Kondhmal area of the state. Innocent people are being attacked and their homes have been burnt. Some have even been murdered by the mobs. They have had to flee their villages, hiding and taking refuge in camps and in the forest. The destructive actions of the Sangh Parivar continue incessantly and although some Hindu villagers object to taking part in the violence against their Christian neighbours, they are threatened themselves and put under pressure by fanatical outside groups to do so. India is highly regarded in the West for upholding a long tradition of cultural diversity, religious tolerance and non-violent protest. These principles are enshrined within the constitution of India and therefore all religious communities should be allowed the right to live side by side peacefully, thereby contributing to the general prosperity of the country. It is the absolute duty of the Indian State to protect its minorities and take firm action to prevent violence and rioting. The current situation is unacceptable to me/us, and I/we most sincerely urge you to do everything within your power to protect the threatened Christian communityfrom further violent clashes. I/We appeal to your responsibility as a democratically elected Chief Minister to guarantee the safety of these people immediately. Yours sincerely,      = > g h V W : ; xyҽҽ埮h.h|OJQJmH sH h.h;aOJQJmH sH h.h.OJQJmH sH (h.h.>*B*OJQJmHphsH%jh.h.OJQJUmHsHh.h.OJQJmHsHh*OJQJmHsH  gd.,1h. A!"#$n% V@V .Standard)B*CJOJQJ_HaJmHphsHtHJAJ Absatz-StandardschriftartXiX Normale Tabelle4 l4a 0k0 Keine Liste<O< 4x>Formatvorlage4^JbOb Inhaltsverzeichnis  7B*aJmH phsH 000p0p0p0p00Oy00 0 $  XX Cornelia Mallebrein76c">JIR(+0\%m;TT]0bag^h\A!.JAFzIFUfU'iW`v/DfFRit&#k''4Xk s?W^_%b*#j+ F }  u #, 'Y ` s  B e    f( kI  D O Q aX il   l> B 'p N} gY\x *+.kBcL1O1X1$2P>2L2S2[2l23kU3v3}3U4j4x4[%4wE4F4H4'a45 5/6l6$o673747Q7W[7f7s7x{7%88,'8NW88!959 t9{9: ::v$:N:;&;1;V;V;<0<~:<:<u<== R=kY=Lo=s=l=j>y>.>4x>+?2?B?C?c?+@8@m=@|T@^_@A$Al&AuAB{8BPOB\BeB-uBC,C<1CDD;DgLDpDoErEFFr$F,FpFZrFF>G>G:'Gt6Gt;G_Ga`GzG HHHBHt'H;0HKH]H?II.I6I=IMITIQ^I|I JyJ(J64J9JHJ{dJ}JKXKj=KsLKWKmmKLKLULlL MzBM/NMmMuMN&N,NdYNjNcOPB"P$Pt-PQMzQ:RFRISaSdwAdXdk\dfdF0e Oeef nf@gSgZgJsg hhDhi iM#i(i4)i..iji jj!jNajcjwjBk*LkUkUk5ck*gkz|kK~klo l5l,:lbRlOm ^mnP n\nXZntnT~nDHoXo=\oopHp$po:pgpGipIq*qpkqqqzrro!rXr\rNzrls\sL%smsItt0tit~u@ugu&luhv1/v =vOv#Qvcvpvqv$ww w,!w.w`wzw\xcVxlxtxyh y y yyy y zzz"zo/zZz]zW^zN{;{5>{.G{;W{*h{|h |i|j |;|9@|va| }}L}l}w}F ~ ~5~E~5a~rH^hs t-1IKfL~;VVX7^b<Yya 18;CVZ!t,a",`cy7W*0A)]A`PRA06=Ylt,k4?w*+50FhJptX$V _ t L6va f|U$=*="\;x ,.3Dbpr( oD3PYdaw-zCg< +;KFgHIRn|~)3,DKsgy~<He_2cDhvB}{ =GOp/s}.>QOu; J((H2W4=GmL'TYekv+y{% ,4Sum-[FW==NkwmzV%1;rF8K0T5js( \kdTq.%=Ow /8!CH^wJ)1 7+Jy^N^S4".89.B[fyP|] K SUw(;K=;YbngSZ)9T(Y%^6FuMlv(-U D\yoIQ5{>|wF\" $662VD~ciDkz78KYe0,X;!*YS#(5-9Eor8NrOtA~sc!9:=umE`+z=FW]sXOBT+bXh{^!&CMS~K`Z$ADackn )9YAy }"$+BF:Th>w=(mQ`c <^af$.l6eE]ab|Owy{E {*/cT^wBO} %T;Gz~ ]z[c-On ]Y]"V8Jym{t %H)C0YUn?(G2nVBgH}Svqb}m*Q fj %~f7PacOrA"^@mm$z@`@UnknownGz Times New Roman5Symbol3& z Arial92IndUni-T"qSf)ZɆSf  43Q H ?/MrCornelia MallebreinCornelia MallebreinOh+'0   < H T`hpxMrrCornelia Mallebreinornorn Normal.dotlCornelia Mallebrein2rnMicrosoft Word 10.0@H@ @F@CZ՜.+,D՜.+,< hp   Uni Tbingeni A Mr Titel 8@ _PID_HLINKSA | mailto:cmo@ori.nic.inemailto:csori@ori.nic.in  !"$%&'()*,-./0125Root Entry FEh7Data  1Table[WordDocument.SummaryInformation(#DocumentSummaryInformation8+CompObjj  FMicrosoft Word-Dokument MSWordDocWord.Document.89q